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Coffee is for Closers Automotive Solutions
Tyler D. Batcheldor
"Put that coffee down.  Coffee is for closers only."
- GlenGary GlenRoss
Industry Leading Closing Strategies
With over a decade in the automotive undustry, Tyler has learned first hand how being able to effectively and efficiently close a deal can maximize profits and put money in YOUR paycheck!

As a sales professional, Tyler boasted a closing rate of nearly 80%.  Well above industry average!  Coffee is for Closers Automotive Solutions can show your sales team these simple strategies to close deals and maximize success.

With Tyler's expertise he will help you to
* Train sales representatives in basic and advanced selling techniques.
* Effectively discuss financing options with customers to maximize gross.
* Impliment long term strategies for continued success.
* Be more effective with phone and e-leads.
* Maximize customer retention.

*Most importantly...hundreds of ways to close a deal.